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Create and train an NLP model using spaCy library to predict and classify the input lines

This blog will cover a very fundamental method of predicting whether the given input statement should be classified as ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’. To do so we will first train a Natural Language Processing (NLP) model utilizing the past dataset. In this way, how about we begin!


You should be aware of the BOW (Bag of Word) approach. You may check [1] out for more details. BOW approach essentially converts the text to numeric making it simpler for the NLP model to learn.

In this tutorial, Google Colab is used to run the script. You may choose any other platform of…

Learn how easy it is to code and run a notebook using Azure resources and Python

In this tutorial, we will build an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for predicting the bank customer churn using python notebook and Microsoft Azure services. Please note that there is a lot Azure Machine Learning (ML) provides and in this article, I’ll demonstrate how easy it is to code and run a notebook using Azure resources and python.


  1. You should be familiar with machine learning. Even if you don’t understand, try to follow along and keep practicing.
  2. You should be aware of Tensorflow. You can find tons of material online and learn about it.
  3. You must have a Microsoft Azure subscription…

Setup your system for mutation testing of a basic Java project using pitest testing tool.


In this blog, we will initially cover how to set up your system for running mutation tests. A well-known tool called Pitest or PIT will be utilized all through this article. From there on, we will also see how to increase the mutation coverage score.


  • You should be aware of the theoretical concepts of mutation testing. Check out [1] if you would like to learn about mutation testing.
  • Java should be installed on your system. If you need any help with that do check out [2] regarding setup. In the current article, Visual Studio Code has been used for editing…

As a Software Engineer, I enjoy developing new stuff, and getting started with Google Action development had always been on my to-do list. In this blog, I present to you a very clean and nice way of creating your first Google Action.

Google Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence-powered virtual assistant developed by Google that is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices. Creating Google Actions allows you to develop and distribute your functionalities and integrate them with the power and reach of Google Assistant. Let’s start with your first action today.


There are no requirements to develop an action…

Boundary Value Analysis (BVA) is a technique employed for black-box testing (also called Dynamic Testing). As a software tester, you always want to maximize the probability of finding errors. The test cases designed with boundary input values have high chances to find errors. This is how BVA can be a good choice to test software.

Problem Statement

Let us consider the triangle problem. According to this, the software program should accept three sides of a triangle. The program then identifies if the triangle is equilateral, Isosceles, Scalene, or Not a Triangle. We can assume the three sides to be X, Y, and…

This article is intended for any individual who is simply beginning with unit testing in java. Here, I have written three very simple java programs and their corresponding test cases to help you understand the concept. This article will cover everything from installing necessary packages to running your very first unit test case for a Java program.

Why Unit Testing?

If you are a CS grad or a working professional, you might have come across terms like Test-driven development or TDD. According to Agile Alliance, TDD can be defined as :

A style of programming in which three activities are tightly interwoven: coding…

This article covers everything from scratch to manage, organize and conduct your first event as a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador.

I have been a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador for the past several months and being a part of this community has given me the opportunity to contribute as well as learn something new each day. My first event as the student ambassador was an awesome experience. The motivation for this article is to help new student ambassadors organize and manage their future events in a seamless and most convenient way.

Note that due to Covid-19, all the events are currently…

A step-by-step guide for beginners to understand the search tool and start using it today.

What is Microsoft Academic

It is a free public academic search engine for publications and literature, developed by Microsoft Research.

Deletion in R-B Tree is a bit tricky than other binary trees. Here I present the delete operation with suitable examples to demonstrate all the cases.


You should have some knowledge of all operations performed on a Binary search tree (BST) and insert operation in an R-B tree. You should be familiar with terms like sibling, parent, grandparent of a node.

A quick recap to R-B Tree:

  1. A red-black tree is a binary search tree with one extra bit of storage per node for its color (red/black)
  2. This tree is approximately balanced.
  3. Every node is either red or black.
  4. The root is black
  5. Every leaf (NIL)…

In this blog, I will demonstrate how to create an APK file (Android Application Package) for your Ionic app.


One can run an ionic application on a mobile device directly. To do so, you have to connect your mobile phone to the system and then run the entire app.

While this is a very popular and easier way to test an app on a real device, it can be difficult for non-developers. They will have to set up their systems to run the project which is a really time-consuming and very inefficient way. …

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